Quintero Dental Group, the best solution in Mexicali, BC.

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Give your teeth a new lease of life!

Dra. Laura Quintero opened her office in 1997 with her husband Dr. Arturo Chip. They were joined by her brother,

Dr. Jesus Quintero in 1998. Both Dr. Laura and Dr. Jesus attend Dental Conferences, workshops and seminars on an ongoing basis.
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Both dentists lead a group of highly qualified root canal, periodontal and implant specialist to attend to all your dental needs. They are professionals you can trust and members of Los Algodones Dental Association.

Quintero Dental Group offers services and procedures such as dental cleanings, fillings, porcelain crowns, Emax (cosmetic) veneers, extractions, root canals, implants, permanent crowns and or dentures over implants and immediate dentures or partials.
Our commitment is to provide complete function and esthetics to your teeth. The absence of one or more teeth results in food not being properly digested. It is our duty as dentists to restore your mouth with replacements of your teeth with crowns or bridges which are comfortable and functional.
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Dental Bonding
Laminate Veneers
Oral surgery
How does root canal treatment save a tooth?